NSMC guide to write a 'Challenge Statement'

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Toolkit - NSMC guide to write a 'Challenge Statement'
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A ‘Challenge Statement’ is an initial statement to set out the issue or challenge which needs to be addressed.

The term ‘challenge’ has been specifically used to avoid the tendency to simply focus on ‘a problem’. Sometimes in addressing a challenge it is useful to think in terms of building something positive as much as reducing or eliminating something negative. Consideration should be given to the positive or desired behaviour that needs to be incentivised and promoted.

At the start of most processes it is difficult to pin down all the issues and tasks that need to be done and to foresee the time required to undertake and deliver these. However, what matters is getting some initial working thoughts and assumptions down on paper to share with others and provide an initial steer or guide.

How to use or apply

This tool provides you with a list of questions to answer which have been designed to help you consider and articulate the presenting challenge.