Reducing Demand for Ivory: An International Study

Ivory, which comes from the tusks of elephants, is used for jewelry, carvings, ornaments, medicine, chopsticks, signature stamps, musical instruments and other items. While ivory use has existed for centuries, market demands for ivory in Asia and the United States have led to an unprecedented level of elephant poaching. The primary objective of this study is to understand the dynamics of demand for ivory. Qualitative and quantitative social research was conducted across five countries in which demand for ivory is known to be concentrated: China, the Philippines, the United States, Vietnam and Thailand. The National Geographic Society partnered with GlobeScan, an international research firm, to carry out qualitative and quantitative research in key markets for ivory – the United States, China, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – to better understand the dynamics of consumer demand for ivory and to help inform approaches to reduce that demand. National Geographic, 2015
Research - Reducing Demand for Ivory: An International Study