Choosing the Right Messenger Guidelines

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These Good Practice Guidelines identify principles for choosing the right messenger for communications aimed at reducing demand for the illegal wildlife trade. Two types of messengers have been found to be particularly effective, and are covered in the Guidelines.
Overview - Choosing the Right Messenger Guidelines
Behaviour: Consumers
Language: EN - English

We are surrounded by new information every day. When deciding how much weight to give to a new piece of information, we consider not only what is being said, but who is saying it.

For example, one study found that patients’ level of trust and confidence varied depending on what the doctor was wearing (professional attire with a white coat, surgical scrubs, business dress, or casual dress). This finding suggests that it is important to consider how people will perceive the messenger chosen to champion the message or more simply, convey information.

These Good Practice Guidelines have been prepared following discussion at an “Expert Roundtable on Effective Messengers and Messaging, to Reduce Demand for Illegal Wildlife Products”.

These Guidelines are released alongside DESIGNING EFFECTIVE MESSAGES.