IUCN Commission on Education and Communication: Love, Not Loss

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An excellent overview of the rationale for promoting a positive, rather than negating a negative, in messaging to change behaviours related to biodiversity.
Overview - IUCN Commission on Education and Communication: Love, Not Loss
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The best way to rekindle a lost love is not to talk about what went wrong — extinction, habitat loss or resource scarcity. It’s to remember what we loved in the first place.
Twitter: #lovenotloss
Email: cec@iucn.org


If you want a happy ending for nature and people, it has to be a love story. Personalize. Humanize. Publicize. Starting now. IUCN CEC announces a new campaign with a series of short films including ‘How to Tell a Love Story’.

How to Join the Campaign

What can you do? Join the communications campaign launched in Jeju!

Download the book >>

  1. Share the love – Pass the videos on to your networks and use them in your work.
  2. Tell us your love story – There are many different avenues for people to share their love stories, like Twitter #lovenotloss, IUCN Facebook, CEC Facebook and the CEC e-newsletter. Share links to websites that use positive communication about nature.
  3. Love nature – Next time you talk about nature, make sure it’s a love story. Here are some examples.

Promotion Pack

This promotion pack gives you all the tools you’ll need to help us share the love message and includes: images, links and text to share. We’d love you to watch these films and share them with your friends, colleagues or whoever you think should see them. Download the pack >>

Film Links

Campaign Images

You are welcome to download and reproduce these images when promoting the IUCN CEC campaign 'How to Tell a Love Story'

Campaign Case Studies

Be inspired by three great examples: I Don't Eat Turtle Eggs, Motherlike Sundarbans, and Big Garden Birdwatch. Download the examples >>

Love. Not Loss.

Running 3.27 minutes, play this video at meetings to provoke practical discussion on communications strategies. Produced by Wildscreen for CEC and the SCBD.

What if we bottled up the incredible experiences people have of nature into an inspiring positive message? This video challenges the conservation community to create messages inspired by awe and wonder, not loss and extinction. The equation is LOVE + ACTION = PUBLIC CHANGE.